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  • "Getting Started With Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SysML" is taught by Sandy Friendenthal, one of the industry's leading MBSE and SysML thought leaders. Sandy concludes the training modules with recommended group discussion topics, designed to facilitate learning and bring the true benefits of MBSE to teams and workgroups. Sandy is a true advocate of model based systems engineering and helped lead the team which developed SysML from its beginning till the time it was adopted by the OMG. Sandy had the distinction of being a Lockheed Martin Fellow, and now, working as a distinguished industry consultant has joined forces with No Magic to bring you one of the most dynamic MBSE online training courses available in the industry. Course Content The high-level objectives of this new MBSE training include: - What is MBSE, and how does it compare to traditional SE? - A look at the overall benefits of MBSE - The adoption of MBSE in the industry - An in-depth look at SysML and how it supports MBSE - Ways in which your organization can use a systems modeling tool to build systems models - How are MBSE methods used to specify and design systems? - How does an organization transition to MBSE? - And more
  • Cost: $600.00
    Applying SysML with MagicDraw is a 24 hour course focusing on modeling systems using core MagicDraw functionality and SysML plug-in.

    The course:
    • Contains lectures and final exam (on using SysML for system development)
    • Presents SysML modeling notation;
    • Shows how to create and relate system analysis and design models;
    • Shows how to facilitate system development by model analysis and validation features;
    • Covers complete system-modeling lifecycle from requirements to implementation;
    • Presents a concise case study.

    This comprehensive MagicDraw course will help your team quickly improve SysML modeling skills and maximize
    your usage of MagicDraw UML.

  • Cost: $999.00
    Applying UPDM/DODAF/MODAF with MagicDraw is a 5 day long course for Unified Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM). The course focuses on implementation of UPDM using core MagicDraw functionality and the MagicDraw UPDM plug-in.

    The course:
    • Contains lectures and hands-on practice on using UPDM for architecture development; • Includes information on how to build a complete and integrated architectures;
    • Presents UPDM and related standards; UML 2, SoaML, and SysML where they apply to UPDM;
    • Shows how to implement and customize the DoD Architecture Framework;
    • Covers complete UPDM Models and Views;
    • Presents a concise case study.

    This comprehensive course will help your team quickly improve planning and implementation of complex systems using UPDM standards and the MagicDraw UPDM plug-in.

    We take the approach that many students have only a basic understanding of DoDAF or MODAF and how to build an architecture. We can also modify the course to accommodate advanced users of DoDAF/MODAF that are looking for a more in-depth understanding of UPDM.

    This course covers UPDM in terms of the following architectural frameworks:

    DoDAF 1.0
    DoDAF 1.5
    DoDAF 2.0 (DM2)
    MODAF 1.2 (M3)
  • This course requires an enrolment key
    Introductory UML 2 is a concise 16 to 24-hour course covering UML 2 notation and managing requirements using UML.
    The course:
    • Includes lectures and final exam
    • Explains UML 2 notation;
    • Shows how to use the UML to capture requirements with use cases and activity diagrams
    • Shows how to create and relate analysis and design models;
    • Evaluate UML model using Model Metrics
    • How to use the analysis work products
    • Help your team quickly improve UML 2 modeling skills

    Audience: Analysts, Architects, Designers, Developers, Test Engineers, IT managers, Project Managers

    Prerequisites: Understanding of Object-Oriented concepts

    Methods: E-learning Lectures, Final Exam

    Certificates: Each participant receives certificate from No Magic, Inc. and the International Association of Software Architects (IASA)
  • Understanding UML Composite Strucutre Diagram is a 35 minute video covering the elements of the diagram and how to create one within MagicDraw.